Other Services

Lab Services

The services of independent laboratories FELVENZA S.A. include the following analysis:

  • Microbiological analysis products for human consumption.
  • Microbiological analysis of water quality
  • Sanitary and microbiological monitoring in food processing plants
  • Physical and chemical analysis
  • nutritional content
  • organoleptic analysis
  • Grain sorting

Cotton Weighing

As representatives of WAKEFIELD INSPECTION SERVICES (WIS) in Ecuador, FELVENZA S.A. weight performs checks on all imports of cotton from WIS customers in the United States. Among which are: Frontstreet Exports, Allenberg Cotton Co., Dunavant Memphis, Ecom USA, Paul Reinhart Inc.

FELVENZA S.A. ensures optimal high reliability service thus allowing the cotton industry to benefit from the participation of an independent company like ours. Among the services we offer you are:

  • Securities container inspection, verification seals.
  • Control of quantity and condition of bales of cotton
  • Verification of stowage and storage
  • Weight control through a calibration verification of weighing and readings

Oil Sector

FELVENZA S.A. has been ranked by the National Hydrocarbons (DNH) and a member of the American Association of Testing Materials (ASTM), which authorizes it to provide a variety of inspection and analysis to all participants of oil sector its derivatives, as well as different types of consulting described below:

  • Sampling, determination of quality and laboratory analysis
  • Certification quantities in ships and tanks on land
  • Research discrepancies quantity and lost
  • Pipeline inspection and quantity determination in ship to ship transfers
  • Calibration and measuring tanks
  • Loss prevention
  • Audits and studies infrastructure refineries and oil fields

Shipping Sector

The close relationship FELVENZA S.A. has with the shipping business, through its international representatives, allowed the development of a wide range of inspection services for different industry participants; some of which are listed below:

  • Service sink in port terminals
  • Hull and machinery inspections
  • Inspections of shipments of cargo and bulk downloads
  • Inspections On / Off hire
  • Bunker inspections
  • Depth inspections
  • Preparation, pre-cooling and sealing of cellars
  • Structural inspections of containers
  • Stevedoring inspections of dry and refrigerated containers

Government Institutions

FELVENZA S.A. provides technical and operational assistance on Supervision of Foreign Trade, verifying quantities and condition of the goods traded; and price verification and proper customs classification, allowing a proper application of customs duties.

For this purpose, FELVENZA S.A. staffed with highly trained and ethical expertise to provide efficient and reliable service to both the public and private sectors.