Agricultural Products Inspection

Through its material and human infrastructure located in major cities, FELVENZA S.A. provides inspection services to a variety of agricultural products.

At the time, FELVENZA S.A. provides services to prestigious companies in the agricultural sector, inspecting fresh and chilled products such as banana, plantain, pineapple, fruit in general, fertilizers, vegetable oil, wood, among others, both on farms and in the different ports of embarkation.

The services in this sector include:

  • Inspection cleaning and preparation of land wineries as well as wineries and tanks aboard ships.
  • Supervision of loading and unloading.
  • Sampling and Analysis.
  • Determination of weight and quality.
  • Determination of quantities loaded or unloaded cargo to bulk through 'draft survey'.
  • Pre-certifications for containerized shipping products.

The certificates are issued worldwide recognition as accurate evidence of the quality and quantity of the products sold.

Coffee and Cocoa

Coffee beans and cocoa are high quality products that usually should be marketed worldwide under specific contractual terms. This requires the intervention of an experienced inspection company as FELVENZA S.A. to safeguard the integrity and quality of the grain that will reach destination in the best conditions and with the characteristics desired by the customer.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Supervision of weighing, condition and quantity of shipments.
  • Pre-shipment sampling, quality control and analysis.
  • Control and verification of packaging and packaging condition, ventilation, temperature checks, etc.