Today, Lloyd's Agencies form the network of experts and the world's largest liquidators. There are a total of approximately 600 Agents and Sub-Agents located in 175 countries around the world, providing services to the insurance industry and its customers 24 hours the entire year.

Lloyd's Agents are appointed on the basis of:

  • Knowledge and experience in maritime expertise, particularly cargo. Their skills also extend to other categories such as non-marine, aviation and even areas such as travel insurance.
  • Experience, integrity and local presence. Lloyd's Agencies are generally well established companies, which enjoy an excellent reputation in their community.
  • The willingness to meet stringent service levels when surveys or liquidation of claims are made, ensuring that its customers receive the highest standard of service.
  • Participation in training courses and development programs operated by the department of Agencies Lloyd's in London, whose main objective is to improve the basic skills of cargo surveyors. Also, additional efforts are continually being made to improve existing skills and be able to ensure that the agencies comply with the Lloyd's insurance requirements and trade of the century.
  • Independent access to premises, and expert witnesses, to turn to in cases where it requires specialized knowledge.

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